Tuesday, July 3, 2007


i know a lot of people who don't like this movie.
they say, "it's slow" "it has no plot"

"and who says we have to listen to 'them'?"
"they do!"

but i have to say otherwise. i really think that this movie deserves the title of incredible cinematography. the music, the scenes, the details, the lighting, everything about this movie is just so perfect.

elizabethtown is about life. day to day life.

"life and death. and death and life. right next door to each other! there's like, there's a hair between them."

so basically you should see this movie and watch it with an open mind. after i watched it, i had a deeper appreciation for the simplicity, as well as the complexity of life

moving on....

if you decide to read the following, you should take a couple moments to ponder the quotes. why else would i put them in??

"trust me. everyone is less mysterious than they think they are."

this is so true. everyone wants to be mysterious. it's like it's just a big game to try and make people interested in you. why do we do this? and besides, everyone reveals more than they want to or think they do anyway. sometimes i think that being mysterious is pointless. but at the same time, i won't lie....i sometimes try to put on the facade that i'm more mysterious than i am. but that's the fun of it, it's not really that i care if others see me as mysterious. it's basically because i just want to feel like i'm mysterious.

"no true fiasco ever began as a quest for mere adequacy."

"i've spent so much time thinking about all the answers to the problem, that i forget what the problem actually was."

"sadness is easier because its surrender. i say make time to dance alone with one hand waving free."

agreed. i say fight for joy. not happiness. joy. joy is an attitude. happiness is a feeling.

"i want you to get into the deep beautiful melancholy of everything that's happened."

i think people miss out on life when they do not think about things. of course i am not telling you to think all the time, but sometimes life requires thought.

"we are intrepid."

this quote goes out to stephanie. thank you for making me watch this movie.

"men see things in a box, and women see them in a round room."

"it takes time to be funny. it takes time to extract joy from life."

personally, i think going through hard times is good for people because it makes them realize that this statement is correct.

"i'm fine."

what kind of explaination is this?? think about it. it is probably one of the dullest answer to the queston, "how are you?"

"i was still waiting for everything to start, and now it's over."