Tuesday, March 30, 2010

weekly post

this is such a lovely picture. i wish i could be doing this over sitting in front of my computer screen.

and that's for sure.

day 19

a talent of yours

um probably making faces. i'm really good at that.

day 20

a hobby of yours

generally, art stuff, adventures, and instigating shenanigans.


day 21

a recipe

um...coming soon.

day 22

a website

my brother just showed me this blog today. this makes me ubber happy. i love portland people:)
urban weeds: portland street style


ffffound is where i find most of the pictures for my DAI.
booooooom has awesome videos.

for my wedding i've consulted 2 lovely blogs for ideas:

once wed
100 layer cake

day 23

a youtube video

this is the most lovely thing i've seen in a long time.

hot chip-i feel better

super weird video poking fun at boy bands. i love it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

monday mornings


well, spring break is over. meh. school starts tomorrow. meh. but i had a pretty fun spring break even though i didn't think it was gonna be doing much.

i have a lot to catch up on for my daily posts (7 days worth...oh boy!). so let's get started.

day 13

a fictional book

currently in the midst of reading going home by harriet evans.

day 14

a non-fictional book

donald miller inspires me. the most life-changing read of his so far has been searching for god knows what. amazing.

day 15

a fanfic day

apparently this term is short for fantasy fiction. i'm gonna stick with the narnia series as my favorite, with harry potter coming up second, and twilight...well, i haven't even bothered reading it...

day 16

a song that makes you cry

when i first read through this list, i knew exactly what i was gonna post for this day. pretty much everytime i hear someday you will be loved by death cab for cutie, i get really sad. seriously, it's really depressing.

day 17

an art piece

so last week i made this
this picture doesn't really do it justice, but i sewed the picture to the white paper, then glued it to the plywood and hammered it down with nails. it was pretty simple, despite the very time consuming sewing, and having to grind the nails down so they wouldn't poke out the backside of the plywood. but it was well worth the "ahhhh" i think everytime i see it. cute cute cute.

day 18

whatever tickles your fancy

this week was full of little projects (and getting started on some big ones). here it some documentation of my week.
i love rain. and raindrop pictures. i took this picture last week and it made me happy.
eric and i made homemade pesto a couple weeks ago and i've been trying to figure out what to do with it because we made a bunch and apparently my family aren't fans of pesto. so i made a chicken pesto pizza. it was delicious (and i actually got my brothers to eat it!).
so this is the big project i took on this week. making my own invites for my wedding in august. it all sounded good until i got to the first step of making them...cutting paper. what a pain! but i think i finally figured out a good method, so hopefully it'll start going faster!

ok, so i didn't catch up on all of them yet, but it was a good start! have a lovely monday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

blurry alive


i woke up this morning and it was a blur. i hopped in my car, took my man to the airport and told him to have fun in hawaii for the 9 days he will be there. then i got in my car, and drove home wishing i could go somewhere...anywhere really. i went back to bed, tossed and turned, hoping that my head would fit into the pillow just perfect enough for me to doze back into oblivion. but alas, it was not my head that was the problem, it was my feet-frozen to the point that even getting up and blow drying them didn't help.

it is the first day of my spring break. i have such an opportunity, but today i really just want to go back to bed and wake up on the other side of it. this is so cliche i don't even want to write it, but without eric here, my life seems like a blur. i just want to have this week be full of memories with him, not without him. ok. done being cliche. done being sad he's not here. (well at least in writing.)

i will not live a blur, i will chose to stay alive.

"a motto of the british special air force is: 'those who risk, win.' a single green vine shoot is able to grow through cement. the pacific northwestern salmon beats itself bloody on it's quest to travel hundreds of miles upstream against the current, with a single purpose, sex of course, but also... life." -drew baylor (elizabethtown)

here's to this week. i will reach my hands up and out and grasp to the adventure that lies ahead. :)


Sunday, March 14, 2010

fairly a good fair


day 12

whatever tickles your fancy.

i generally don't like fairs, but last summer i went for a day with some friends (and brought my minolta) and got some stellar pictures :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

riding the duck


day 11

a recent picture of you

eric took this picture of me about 2 weeks ago. it was a really fun photo excursion, as most of them are. we went down to frenchman's bar at "the golden hour." i was hoping that i had color film in the minolta, but i had black and white instead.

Friday, March 12, 2010

happy list


day 10

a picture of you over 10 years ago.

i am the girl on the left, my cousin emily is in the middle, followed by my brother nathan on the far right.

today i was thinking about things that make me really happy and i made a little list:

1. listening to nathan play music. last night i walked downstairs and he was sprawled out on the hide-a-bed playing his ukulele. he then proceeded to play me a song he wrote about his friends. i sat down on the bed and we just talked for a half an hour or so. when he decides to share his music (or his thoughts) with me, it's something i wish i could slow down and record it. (note: but if i hear him play justin beiber one more time, i might have to smash his guitar. haha)

2. picking up developed film. i seriously get giddy over this. a couple times, when it's developed in an hour, i don't go home, i sit around and wait for it to be done. opening up the packaging is like christmas morning. gahhhh i love it. presents to myself!!!

3. going on long solitary drives and listening to music. since i've lived at home most my life, getting out of the house has been my savior in many situations. if i'm sad, i go driving. if i'm mad, i go driving. if i'm happy, i go driving. if i'm longing to get away, i go driving. if i'm nervous, i go driving. driving frees me. i think, i solve problems, i release. and after i get back, i always feel better.

4. having dance parties with my brothers. something nathan, joe, thomas, and i all have in common is our love for music. so when parents are gone (and sometimes even when they're home), we turn the beats up and sing and dance all ridiculous-like. so great!

5. creating. i think one of the most meaningful things i can accomplish in my life is creating and finishing a project.

6. splurging. sometimes, i just love going out and purchasing something i want. just because.

7. eric. last, and certain by far, not the least, this boy is my best friend and in 161 days he will be my husband. :) woop de woo! everything i do is better when it's with him (especially photo adventures, drinking tea, cooking, and photobooth creating).
love love love!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


here in these deep city lights
a girl could get lost tonight
i'm finding every reason to be gone
nothing here to hold on to
could i hold you?

8 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 22

found here. and just for the record, i don't necessarily agree with number 6.

1. Pick a career you love; you don’t have to give into the pressure to be practical. Everyone changes careers over their lifetime; why not experiment with one that you are crazy about? Worst case scenario, you go get that crappy corporate job when you’re 28 and let the cool waters of 9-5ing wash away any memories of your failed Falafel-R-Us Gift Basket business.

2. Pay off your credit card debt and don’t buy so much stuff. Does every college do this? Offer credit cards at the student union, and in exchange for filling out an application, they gift you a candy bar? I was hungry! I was broke! Sign me up! Thankfully I was so thoroughly burned the first time, I learned my lesson.

3. Your student loans can be deferred practically indefinitely. After graduation, just call them and ask for a deferment. They will bend over backwards to make deferring easy to do. In six months when your deferment is over, call them up and do another. Repeat as needed.

4. It doesn’t cost as much as you’d think to travel. You don’t need to save $50,000 to spend a year overseas. If you’re young, willing to sleep anywhere (hello, couchsurfing!) and go to countries off the beaten tourist track, then you can survive on much less (I’ve heard as low as $1000/mo).

5. The job you have right now is not that important. If I were an employer I would only hire ambitious twenty something’s. They will knock themselves out working incredibly hard on stuff that barely matters. Try to get a 35 year old to take photocopying that seriously and you’re more likely to get your dog to iron your suit in the morning.

6. You don’t need a safety net. You can figure this out. The idea of being out there, with nothing to catch you if everything goes wrong may make your stomach do little flips, but really, you’ll be just fine.

7. This is the best time in your life to travel carefree. If you wait it’s going to be more complicated financially and emotionally. Now instead of putting on a backpack and heading out the door, I’ve got to cancel leases, forward mail, set up online payment arrangements, sell a ton of stuff, convince my family that I don’t need an MRI “just in case this idea is a sympton of a brain tumor”, and wrangle with complex stuff like dodging the “when are you going to have kids” question.

8. Did you read #7? Go Travel Now!

If you were giving advice to your 22 year old self, what would it be?

words fill empty space


day 9

a picture that you took

this was one of those days i just took off and went on a solitary photo excursion. i love those days the best.

w ds
r s
words fffff ace
w rd fi l l l l a
wo d sp ce
o s fillspace
feel empty

s p a c e
m w rds f ll pmt sp c
y o i e y a e

my words fill empty space



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the toxicity of our city


day 8

a photo that makes you sad or angry.

i was trying to come up with a picture that made me sad or angry and i didn't have that much luck. but then i was remembering a couple weeks ago in my photography class that we looked at some pictures that someone had took documenting toxic waste.

and it made me angry. hence the above image.

this picture makes me want to plant a garden, recycle, ride a bike, and have a compost pile. (which i will do when i move out.)

i wanna turn the above picture into this:


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

brotherly love




day 7

a picture that makes me happy

[i have a couple]

in my family, i am the oldest and only girl (yeah yeah, besides my mom). i have three younger and amazing brothers who make my life better everyday. and soon, they will be welcoming a brother-in-law to the family. yay for all the lovely guys in my life!


above: this day has been the most memorable, happiest, life-changing day to date. can't wait for the real big day! <3xoo!

below: pictures of my brothers and me.

^me and nathan
^me and joe
^me and thomas
^all four of us

Monday, March 8, 2010

ballon tree

the balloon tree.

aubrey visited this weekend and we had a couple hours before she left to hang out. this is what we made. our spring creation.

the following pictures are from the balloon tree shoot. we had a blast!







the evening before, eric and i took advantage of the sunset, balloons, and color film!



my street, balloons, and my beloved minolta. :)

thank you to eric and aubrey for joining me (and snapping some stellar pics!)

p.s. day 6 was whatever tickles your fancy day. obviously, i chose balloons :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

dollars and dimes


day 5

favorite quote:

pretty much anything that comes out of my uncle norwood's mouth.

i can't think of anything that really stands out at the moment,

although i can think of my least favorite saying, that being,

"dollar waiting on a dime."

which my father so lovingly yells at me when i (as always) run late getting out the door to some family excursion. [note: it was seriously a miracle when i started driving and could just drive separately.]

Saturday, March 6, 2010

balloon kick






yes, i'm still on my balloon kick..
these pictures have been the inspiration for my balloon taking rampage, which i will post pictures of tomorrow. seriously. all i want to do is photograph balloons.

day 4

favorite books:

so i do read...

(but usually when i'm not in school, which i have been for the last 19 years of my life. i go on summer reading binges, but still haven't read as much as i would like.)

i read the bible most often.

then i read a lot of donald miller...

and more from anne lamott...

children's books are probably after that...

then i like poetry. and stuff.