Friday, November 16, 2007

it's a new day, oh baby it's a new day

so it's like 1am in the morning or something. usually i would be sleeping. usually i should sleep. but i'm not cause stephanie came over and we watched pride and prejudice. and it was amazing (in the most stephanie animated voice i can manage)!!!!

random thoughts in 5 min:

sometimes i wish i enjoyed school. just so that i could actually feel productive or motivated or excited about learning. but i don't. <---this is not good. oh tosh.

yes, i just said tosh. it's pretty much my new lingo. so now you know. k cool.

"i wanna soak up the sun. i wanna tell everyone to lighten up." -sheryl c.

more like soak in the rain. but seriously. please lighten up cause i can't take the darkness any longer.

i've been away for way too long. i need to go back. like now.

i know that this isn't probably making any sense to anyone, so i'm sorry.

awakening went awesome for everyone that knows what i'm talking about. please come to the next one on dec. 1st at 7pm. it's gonna be amazing! haha...

"slow down everyone, you're moving too fast. frames can't catch you when you're moving like that." -jack j.

this song was written for me...i'm sure of it.

oh love. oh life.

im gonna go to bed now. i have class at 8am. whoever you are, please remind me to NEVER take an 8am class ever again. thanks.

oh. one last thing: