Friday, February 27, 2009

holy crochet hooks, batman!

SOTD: lady loop by alo
WIKI: loops make hammocks

Thursday, February 26, 2009

delorean in my driveway

SOTD: the delorean by hyper crush
WIKI: utilize your driveway

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


SOFD: happiness by the fray
WIKI: happiness in the morning

so i am currently reading 19 minutes by jodi picoult and in the book, one of the characters is contemplating life and using the equation for happiness; that is


i don't really know how i feel about this equation or if i even think it's true, but it's interesting to think about it. i read this quote on another blog site and continued to ponder:

"therefore, happiness is inversely proportional to expectations. in order to be happy, lower your expectations. to be happy, accept the reality as the way it is."

right now it, i feel unhappy with where i am in my life. so i have three options:

1. lower my expectations to better my reality
2. accept my reality
3. toss the whole concept out

1. the problem is that i don't want to lower my expectations. i mean, i don't even know how i would do that. my expectations of what my situation is has already been shattered.

2. this is this the hardest way to go. i have to realize that accept the facts that things aren't easy now. there's no easy way out and i have to press on. my attitude needs to change too. my life is really is not as hard as i have made it out to be. actually, i'm pretty sure that life will be much harder than this, so i should most definitely see the good.

3. this is pretty simple. i continue to wallow in my pathetic dislike of my situation and do nothing to change myself.

i want to be someone. a friend. a lover. an artist. a teacher. a traveler. a sage. a confidant.

what do i want out of life?
what am i putting into life?
what are my dreams?
how am i going to get there?
how can i start tomorrow?

last week in ed psych, my teacher told us about bill bennet who wrote the book of virtues. in his book, he organized the chapters by 10 different virtues:
1. compassion
2. courage
3. faith
4. friendship
5. honesty
6. loyalty
7. perseverance
8. responsibility
9. self-discipline
10. work

bill bennet states that the first virtue is self-discipline. you can't do any of the other virtues if you can't master self-discipline. in my own self-evaluation, i feel like i have a lot to do to master this virtue. restraining desire is what maturity is all about.

maybe happiness is based on a person's mastery of self-discipline.

and to explain the picture: happiness is a journey, not a destination. so i guess i'm going with option number 2 and making the most of everyday, not just hoping to be happy when i am somewhere different.

jodi picoult's character, lewis, sums up the h=r/e equation on page 130:

"why hadn't he realized this before? everyone knew that if you divided reality by expectation, you got a happiness quotient. but when you inverted the equation-expectation divided by reality-you didn't get the opposite of happiness. what you got, lewis realized, was hope. pure logic: assuming reality was constant, expectation had to be greater that reality to create optimism. on the other hand, a pessimist was someone with expectations lower than reality, a fraction of dimishing returns. the human condition meant that number approached zero without reaching it-you never really completely gave up hope; it might come flooding back at any provocation. someone who was happy would have little need to hope for change. but, conversely, an optimistic person was that way because he wanted to believe in something better than his reality. lewis started wondering if there were expections to the rule: if happy people might be hopeful, [and] if the unhappy might have given up any anticipation that things might get better."

maybe self-discipline is acting on a hope. maybe hope and self-discipline make their own equation:


that is all.

and on a totally different note, today marks the day that eric and my parents embraced technology. yay for texting and blogging! haha...

Friday, February 13, 2009

come back to bed

SOTD: lovely tonight by joshua radin
WIKI: relax in bed

if it was possible, i would either buy this house, or design a room exactly like this picture. this is amazing-the colors, the shapes, the windows, the prints, the accessories, everything. im a huge fan. and i love that the bed is on the floor-perfect!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

leo suggests change

SOTD: surely we can change by david crowder band
WIKI: follow step 5

Monday, February 9, 2009


SOTD: sitting, waiting, wishing by jack johnson
WIKI: like wishing? try stars!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

spin for time

SOTD: a little more time by zox
WIKI: bored? just spin!

so im not quite sure what i think of having expectations. i think they are good if they are meant for motivation toward success, but lately i have been so disappointed by having failed expectations. i feel like if i avoid making expectations, i will be less likely to be disappointed.

that is my rant.

oh and the characters in this picture are actually real people. i am the girl who is spinning. and i always wish there was more time in this world with the people i love, especially a certain boy.

so i'll just forever spin...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

keys please

SOFD: losing keys by jack johnson
WIKI: track your keys

Friday, February 6, 2009

umbrella tree

SOTD: umbrella by postal service
WIKI: umbrella prank

Thursday, February 5, 2009


SOTD: a movie script ending by death cab for cutie
WIKI: make a silent movie

this is all i need for mine.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

three f's

SOFD: when she's near by fiction family
WIKI: cake in a mug

today was pretty uneventful, except for a couple incidents at work.

first, one little boy decided to bite another little girl. oops. lets just say his parents were not very happy when they picked him up.

second, i left the building and got about a half-mile away before i realized i had left the back door unlocked, so i turned around and went back. When i got there, all the fences were locked so i had to climb over and then went and locked the back door. epic. and i even made it back in time for dinner.

yesterday was my day off, so i drove to cafe ladro in downtown kirkland where i had the best foam ever on my vanilla latte. i did my devotions while sitting in behind the front window watching cars go by and pedestrians walk with their dogs. i had a conversation with a woman about the weather and the meter maids which is pretty personal for never meeting before. haha. after that, i continued to target where i bought amelie and the new fray cd (which is AMAZING btw). then after i got home, listened to the cd, and ate some cheesecake, i bought fiction family which is totally amazing too! jon foreman and sean watkins join together to produce some beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics. i would expect nothing less. another band i would recommend is a fine frenzy. sweet female vocals with airy and light verses. very relaxing.

oh and sometime, you should read searching for god knows what by donald miller. it has impacted my life in a big way. good stuff.


-a girl

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a grand list

this seems to be the thing to do, so...
25 things you may or may not know about me, and may or may not care to know.
i guess you're supposed to repost and tag 25 people??

1. when i was 5 or 6, i almost got dragged out in a riptide. thankfully my mom saved my life.

2. im going to school to be a teacher, but my dream job would be something in the arts: artist, working at an art studio, being a dance teacher, or something like that.

3. last wednesday i spend 15.5 hours in a tree.

4. i don't have a bike and i really need to get one.

5. one of my best life experiences was state track meet 04.

6. even with all my involvement in sports, i've never broken a bone or had a significant injury.

7. im going to run a marathon someday.

8. almost all the flowers i have ever gotten are dried and are hanging from my ceiling in my bedroom.

9. i keep all the fortune cookie fortunes i get.

10. chicken pot pies are amazing.

11. i live in seattle, but i love portland way times more.

12. after church searching, in seattle, i've started going to quest church, and in portland, eric and i have started going to imago dei.

13. if it weren't so cold, i would never wear socks.

14. i despise umbrellas. just wear a parka. or a hood. or a hat.

15. peanut butter and celery is one of my favorite snacks. mmm delish!

16. i have decoupaged close to 30 notebooks.

17. my favorite colors are purple and green.

18. i would really like to go on a hot air balloon.

19. it doesn't matter if im late or not, i still manipulate traffic to get places faster. i.e. i keep track of which roads have more lights, how long i have to make the light when the cross walk sign starts blinking, etc.

20. im one of the few people i know who actually wears a watch

21. i have a good sense of direction and can give good directions and quickly use a map.

22. in highschool, i got an almost perfect score on a spacial reasoning test.

23. now that i work in extended care, i despise playdough.

24. i love wearing skirts and scarves.

25. someday i hope to teach overseas.

Monday, February 2, 2009

free association

DAI (daily art image):
SOTD (song of the day): Ooh Ah by The Kooks
WIKI (wikihow): be creative

so i was reading a wikihow article on how to be creative and they recommended doing exercises each day to help get your creative juices flowing. the one i chose to do is called free association where i start with one word and then write down the first word that comes to mind in association with the word before.

start here: car
hot dogs
matt costa
road trip
golden gate
slumdog millionaire
elizabeth bennet
will smith
port angeles
american girl
pillow case
tie dye
mizto ball