Tuesday, May 29, 2012

party dress

image via xtabay vintage
in my perfect fantasy world, people would still dress up in gorgeous gowns
attend balls
and dance and drink often.

but alas, i am far removed from that lifestyle.
but a girl can dream, no?
and this sparkle tulle dress would be my number 1 choice for some fancy soiree:
image via ktjean
love the lines, cut, femininity, and sparkle.
fancy fancy:)

Monday, May 28, 2012

colored tips

there is a rogue part of me
that wants punk pop colored tips 

a few months ago i read this dyed tips tutorial and fell in love with the idea of colored tips:
image from the beauty department
but unfortunately with my job, i have to look a tad more professional than that
and can't have anything super permanent
so that's why i was super excited when a cup of jo posted this chalk tipped hair tutorial that makes it easy to get the dyed effect without the dye!
top image and these from a cup of jo

so now i can indulge my wannabe punk rocker nature
and use super bright crazy colors to tip out my ends
now i just wanna grow out my hair.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

happiness update

i realized the other day that its almost june! which means im almost to the halfway point in my happiness project year.

i have been trying to decide if i'm happier than when i started the happiness project and...

i think so.

i've been thinking more about spiritual things.
i've been better about eating healthier.
my marriage is going very well.
i've been better about trying to keep things clean and organized.
anne and i started a beth moore study.
and i just set up an ira for eric and i yesterday. :)

i think i'm still so 50/50 on my job that it's holding me back from feeling definitely more happy.
and that's just the truth.

i love flying. i love meeting new people. i love helping people. i love hearing about other people's adventures. i love getting flowers from passengers (yes, this really happened!). i love believing that most strangers are friendly, helpful, and interesting. and plus, i love traveling to new places and exploring!

really, the only downside is being on call 5 days a week in a city that i don't actually live in. 
aka being away from eric for 5 days a week.
that is a bummer.
but that all might be changing just around the corner:)

other than that, i know im happier. 
i've accomplished a lot in the last few months. 
of course they've been mostly little things.
but the little things end up being the big things in the end.


pics that make me happy

Saturday, May 19, 2012

oh, it is love

me and my love at butchart gardens

2012 has and will continue to be a big year for eric and i.

she: left her social work job
she: got a job as a flight attendant
he: left intel
he: got a sweet job at a start up company
they: celebrate 2 years of marriage in august
they: both turn 25 this year
he: finishes his masters in electrical engineering

we have gone through a lot of transitions since we've been together,
(more than i ever thought we would)
but the change has helped us stay on our toes and recognize that marriage is fluid.
yes, sometimes that means it's crazy and stressful and hard to keep up with learning about ourselves together and individually, but its been awesome to be together and watch how we've both grown and changed, and still love each other more than ever.

i stumbled across some wonderful marriage advice this week:
love, dad from a former president
marriage secrets for 15 years of happy marriage

oh, it is love

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

your pretty little...


finding pretty things on the internet while i sit at the airport. yup.