bucket list

 ongoing list of things i want to accomplish in my lifetime

become fluent in french
run a marathon: 10/2011
learn morse code (for eric) ;)
memorize a book of the bible
visit new orleans
memorize phonetic alphabet
learn to juggle
take more singing lessons
sing solo karaoke in a bar: 3/2012
become a mom
visit most of the national parks in the u.s.
learn home improvement tasks (basic plumbing, electrical, tile, etc)
visit most every continent
go on a cruise
see the northern lights
sorta be good at board sports (wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding)
become a better drawer
roadtrip to california: 3/2007
write enough poetry to make a book
photograph a wedding
be on a committee
learn to dance (ballet, tap, hip hop)
have a signature dish
write letters
learn how to use photoshop
get glamor photos done (25th bday and every 5 thereafter)
throw an annual party
become a flight attendant: 3/2012
audition for a local play
be able to sight read piano again
go to new york in the fall
hike at least part of the pacific crest trail
learn how to throw a football and a baseball like a guy
run a 6min mile again
start a tradition (hopefully more than just one)
play recreational adult soccer
learn how to grow a flower garden
sew an outfit for myself
learn how to use power tools
learn to hammer a nail correctly
plant and grow a regular garden
attend the holi festival of colors in utah
roadtrip to california with my uncle norwood

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  1. i can definitely help you get a few of those done... let's start with the garden :)