Thursday, September 18, 2008

synthetic rubber and hot yoga

i have been chewing gum for an hour and my mind is done with this piece of tasteless synthetic rubber, but my teeth cannot stop. this is an un-enjoyable situation.

i have been at school now for 22 days now...

between bouncing from classes to hanging out with new friends, from homework to exploring the greater seattle area, i have been super busy and having a lot of fun.

and as a new legal adult, i have not taken advantage of my age...yet...and i probably won't.

on tuesday, eric and i were sitting outside a bagel place in kirkland, enjoying each other and our outrageously good bagels, and i glanced to my left and saw a man, wearing nothing but spandex shorts, standing outside in this small courtyard of a building complex dumping out a water bottle on top of his head and rubbing himself down. it was one of the most awkward things i have seen. eric and i laughed because it was so funny. and then this guy continued by sitting down by this fountain and just chilled. i felt bad. i think he may have come out of the Hot Yoga building. oh man... i'm going to create a power point on margaret wise brown.
and then study for my lifespan psych test.


love ya all!