Sunday, January 25, 2009

in the beginning

these are some polaroids that were taken within the last year.
there ya go.

on to bigger and better things...

so i have am sitting at my desk at school which i normally don't do. my desk is pretty messy and is probably the reason i don't use it that often.

list of things on my desk:
picture of lauren and i
my camera
eric's camera (oops)
a shirt im making for carly
my linguistics book
c.s lewis's the weight of glory
an american apparel shirt for eric-yeah it's a thermochromatic!!
color ink for my printer
an empty izze bottle
ariel chapstick
my cell phone
coffee mug
current newspapers
burn after reading
more textbooks
mug with soup in it
sukie iron-on book
memory chip for a camera
camera case
purler bead flower (which is half on annie's desk)
a half of a chopstick
a bottle of orange paint
aaron's newsletter from china
a vitamin waterbottle
a picture of eric and i
a post-it note

anyway. amazing that i even have room for my computer...

i think that is all. mostly because i just remembered that burn after reading is due back today and i have to leave and get it there before midnight. fun stuff.

p.s. the fray's new album comes out in 11 days!