Sunday, June 6, 2010

rainy day sonnet


heavy clouds release their tears upon me
steadily, i lift my ceramic mug
and pour down the dark aromatic tea
strings and keys become my sedative drug
"come," she whispers, through soft wind and rain
faintly, i follow her alluring voice
footprints pulse to a melodic refrain
rhythms compel me and i have no choice
drenched in cold, i shiver under her spell
mirages challenge my reality
under the canopy of firs i dwell
until i'm called back to normality

my soul awakens with the warm sunshine
oh, isn't there more to this, goddess divine?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

thoughts of a lion

SOFD: lion's share by amy annelle
WIKI: have hair like a lion

thursday thoughts:

thomas and i enjoyed breakfast together this morning which included chocolate donuts and chocolate milk. yuuuum.

yesterday at work, i answered the phone and had someone accuse me of being high and drunk. talk about a first. anyway, my aunts are awesome and stood up for me. oh people...

my cousin's wedding is in 2 weeks. crazzzzy. and then i will be back on track for planning my own wedding.

eric is almost done with the quarter! yay! right now he is probably frantically working on a huge project that's due tomorrow! (good luck love!)

i've not been super motivated to work on wedding things lately (mostly because it's been so overwhelming), but i'm going to blog about wedding inspiration soon!

oh, and in general, i've just been really happy and thankful about my life. my family, my friends, my fiance, my job, and even school (i know!), i just love it all and am so thankful for the memories and education and everything that i've gone through. :) yay!

the end of this season of my life (single/dating/education/living at home) is almost over and i will be married in 78 days! and then begins the new life of being married, finding a full time job, and having actual grown up responsibilities. it's all a bit scary sometimes, but also really super exciting!