Tuesday, October 30, 2007


we got a puppy today! her name is ginger and she is a border collie vizsla mix. pretty much super adorable...


Sunday, October 21, 2007

puzzle pieces

tonight i ate a kiwi.
and it was particularly juicy. bright green with tiny black seeds and perfectly sweet. love.

on thursday i went to the david crowder concert and he played a guitar hero guitar.
it was probably one of the coolest things i've seen in a while.

i'm sick. today i was talking to some people at church and i realized i sounded exactly like meg ryan in "you've got mail," when she's all stuffed up in her apartment and tom hanks comes up and brings her daisies...
in any case, i really would like to get better...

i would really like to be a "no" person. i say "yes" way too often...but i guess that's how God made me...

last night i had a dream. i haven't dreamed in a really long time. "and it was good."

today we shot did our "promo vidi" (as josh likes to say) for awakening. it was amazing. and nathan made me laugh so hard... =) btw, awakening is the name of our worship/prayer night that college group is starting at my church...its gonna be so rad!!

umm...school has been really hard. harder than i expected it was gonna be anyway. but i'm doing good so far thankfully.

there will soon be an addition to our family! a puppy!!! i'm so hippity hoppity! it's gonna be a border collie vizsla mix...3 weeks countdown! any suggestions for names? it's a girl...

i am thinking that i'll probably transfer up to northwest university in kirkland, wa next fall if everything works out. i'm really excited!!

and i'm thinking about going to australia in december. but we'll see what happens with that.

well, that's pretty much it as of lately...

oh. i really want to see across the universe. like really really bad. i bought the soundtrack off of itunes i love it. ahhh..but i don't have time to go see a movie. um i'm gonna make time. how about tuesday night. sweet im free. so i'm gonna go see it on tuesday night if anyone wants to come.

k. peace out.

i want ellen time!! ugh.

*this blog has nothing to do with puzzle pieces...or does it?