Tuesday, March 31, 2009

stratus clouds drown poseidon

SOTD: flume by bon iver
WIKI: make inexpensive tile floors

fever of the yellow balloons
drift amongst the stratus clouds
sway and swing and drift and drown
higher away from this small town

the river swells and stings my wounds
my pores absorb the surge of liquid
take my essence and bottle it up
cork the top and toss it in Poseidon's cup

Monday, March 30, 2009

creation vs crap

SOTD: creator vs. switch and freq nasty by santogold
WIKI: emergency creation

thing 1:

i realized something about myself today that i had probably known, but never was able to put into words before-that being that in order for me to feel like my day was productive, i must create something. the creation could be anything: a meal, a collage, a blog, or anything really.

thing 2:

today i turned my calendar to april today (can you believe im actually on top of it?) and the quote of the month read:

"sometimes right back where you started from is right where you belong."

i couldn't agree more. after finally leaving my home and living in another city, i realize how much i love where im from and how much i want to go back.

another thing:

as i was driving back up to school today, while i was in a very sad mood, i happen to glance over to my right and see a field. in this field were about a dozen horses and one in particular caught my eye. one of the horses tail's was erect and all of the sudden it started to defecate. i do realize that this whole scene took place within the course of about 3 seconds, but those 3 seconds changed my attitude immediately. it was quite ironic to me that i was feeling crappy and all the sudden i saw an animal feeling crappy too. i laughed out loud in my car and felt much better about life.

updates over the last month:

i went to mexico.
for the first time ever, i dropped a class.
nathan played a show.
im transferring for sure.
i decided to train for a marathon.
i ate alligator.

quote of the day:

"my dream is to unleash my potential. ready or not, here i come."