Wednesday, May 11, 2011

everyday im shuffling

i just love awkward photobooth pictures.

hey all!
it's been i don't know how long since my last blog.
let's just say that this last semester of school took precedent over all the fun parts of my life. :)
but as of this week, i can add a huge life check mark in the school box: done with my bachelors! woot!
so now, i'm back to reality and fun!

this morning marked another big start of a life goal:
starting training for the portland marathon.

but we'll get back to that in a min. first, i must admit that i would be happy if i could repeat mornings like this for the rest of my life.
1)woke up at 6am without an alarm.
2) looked over at my sweet husband next to me.
3) had good jesus time.
4) ran 3.5 miles.
5) had epic playlists of music for run/shower time.
6) ate granola.
7) was ready to go before 8am.
8) eric made me a second yummy breakfast. :)
even the shower was cooperative this morning and didn't go all temperature ballistic on me. (and i swear that my towel was even still warm from the dryer last night!)

comments on the run...
fivefingers look uncomfortable and awkward, but im a believer.

fivefingers will make you have awesome calves. i know this because my calves were like rubber at the end of my run (no pain, no gain, ya?). eric and i might be having a small competition on who has better calves, so this gives me a one up. :)

don't run by slappy cakes on a run. the wafting of fried bacon this will make you awkwardly salivate as you run by people waiting at bus stops.

end every run with party rock anthem by lmfao. seriously. i was pretty much sprinting around extra blocks near our apartment because the beats in the song are so catchy. yes please!

i just want to give my body a super awesome high five for such an awesome performance after 5 months of not working out. i was pretty skeptical of being able to run even 1 mile.
(i will be feeling it tomorrow morning...)

now that i'm done with school, i also have some serious party planning to catch up on. my darling cousin emily is coming over today so we can discuss baby shower ideas. also in cue are a few weddings that i'm helping out with. lots of crafting happening this spring makes me so happy!

hope you are all doing awesome! are you starting any new projects/goals this spring?