Monday, March 14, 2011

the prescription is...

good morning all.
the weekend brought was brought in with a fever and exited with leaving me at the mercy of a hacking cough. no fun. but it was just what the doctor ordered because last week i was volcanoing to eric about how my weekend's keep getting eaten up by little things that pop up. so the minute the fever hit, i called and canceled everything. phew! so i ended up having a slow weekend, trying to recover, but during my down time, i worked to try and chip away at the loads of homework and studying that has gone by the wayside these last few weeks. which brings me to the start of my spring break. i met it with lots of throat lozenges and some pretty sunflowers that eric got me a week ago.
husband, 1. thank you for pretty flowers! 2. sorry for keeping you up last night.

so i don't know exactly what sickness has come over me, but there have been sicknesses floating around that are being called things like "bronchitis" and "pneumonia" and "strep throat" so i really hope i find favor with my white blood cells very very soon. in the mean time, i will keep doing my whole
water.tea.advil.smoothie.dave's bread.water.homework.yummy meal.water.sleep.repeat
thing until i feel better.
3. dave's bread is my new food splurge item-yum! 4. eric prescribed lush to me as a way to get better. yes please!

i am very much looking forward to a bath with my new lush bath bombs. i got avobath and butterball and they smell delicious! well, with that to look forward to, i should probably buckle down and kick out some homework!

p.s. here's a list of girly things that i am looking forward after i buy new tires for my car (boo!) and get done with school:

1. a shopping date with myself
2. a date with sarahanne
3. a new hair cut
4. expanding my etsy site
5. cleaning out my closet
6. redesigning my blog


Saturday, March 12, 2011

sea breeze memories

there was a happy time...
when i snuggled in the blue chair
at the beach
with my family
sea breeze floating through my hair
breathing salt air
dreams of freedom were easy and near
pennies flattened by trains
marionberry ice cream
waking up early with daddy
driving to the bakery to purchase
maple bars for breakfast
sand castles and licorice
mom eating sunflower seeds
marshmallows stuck all over my face
beach grass and drift wood playgrounds
daddy making us beach forts
flying kites
swinging and tree climbing
cornbread and chili
pancakes and bacon
smothered in maple syrup
falling asleep to mom and dad
reading me little golden books
beach house perfection
while i snuggle into my couch
sipping good earth
i now dream of that place
so dear to my heart
i put away my chills and sickness
for the thought of someday
recreating the magic
of that beloved place
with my sweet husband
for little ones of our own.

do you daydream like this too?

Friday, March 4, 2011

preferably sunday



i smell like chlorine.
my eyelids are tired.
i drank a carafe of water.
go away cold.
i listened to blues tonight.
it was refreshing.
i sleep soon.
and wake up early.
i love my husband.
and miss my family.
i need a new day.
preferably sunday.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

hammer pants and summer hats


last week, eric and i went down to california to go to disneyland.
bonus for me, cause i got to hang out with my best friend for 5 days!
carly and i were really into our hats (which i promised to blog about here), so we took some pictures documenting them and some our favorite outfits. im not normally the type to document my fashion because most of the time, you'd see me in a northface/jeans/toms combo, but im making my debut in today's post.
i am always so happy with how minolta film pictures turn out!
and if you are into my princess jasmine/mc hammer pants, you can find them here.
here's to looking foward to summer!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

week of mondays


someday i want a cute mail box.
and hopefully people that will send me pretty mail.
(this has been a week of mondays. ew.)
today's been gray.
sickness, tests, and balancing work and life.
it's been a stretch to see past the rain and wind.
but hopefully i'll start seeing the sun shining through.
very very soon.
saturday, i am looking forward to you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011



this is my brother who just totally rocked my day.

um so if you ever want a blog written about you and how awesome and thoughtful and just generally freaking fantastic you are, here the formula:
figure out when i'm the most stressed and sick and miserable, then send me a text like this:

"hey! just thought i'd let you know that you are pretty much my favorite person ever (seriously) and i love you and you are super fantastic and creative, and everything you do is cool. it's rad that we are siblings [write this only if applies], and i love you. just thought i'd let you"

yup, this just in: i have the best brother in the world.