Monday, August 11, 2008

2 weeks notice

the countdown begins my friends...

one) im super excited for this new chapter in my life! i get to meet tons of new people and take classes that actually interest me. i'll be in a new town, so i'll have a lot of exploring to do...i think that God is definitely gonna use this transition to grow me, and while i am kinda nervous about that, i can't wait to see how he's gonna use me and grow me while im away at school...


two) sometimes i feel as though im not ready to leave this place yet. here is where i know everything, every person, every confortable. im not ready to leave my family and my friends gonna miss everyone so much...


three) i know that here will not be forgotten :) ill be coming home a lot...i still have a family and a boyfriend and lots of friends here. and it's only 3hrs that means that you should come and visit me too!


this summer has been amazing!
probably one of my favorite summers so far...
i've hiked a bunch (thanks eric!)
went to the beach house 2x (will be 3x!)
made cupcakes
went to seattle
celebrated emily's, jamie's, and dana's birthdays!
ski camp
worked...a lot...and went to lots of parks with the twins :)
went to portland a lot...
carly visited:
-bought awesome sunglasses
-got northface jackets :)
-tie dyed shirts
-olive garden!
-went to powells, 23rd, rei!
made masks with anne
took eric on an awesome birthday scavenger hunt
6am morning prayer
went to papa hyden's for stephanie's birthday :)
made thai food
went to olive garden with anne!
took amazing pictures with eric and stephanie...
had amazing adventures with eric and stephanie...
celebrated nathan's 19th birthday
had awesome awakenings!
went to starbucks a lot!!
had some awesome times listening to music in my car with tori!
watched movies (dark knight..)
had many late nights
made a ton of s'mores and boogers
and so much more!!!

and with the 2 weeks left...
i'll be...
stargazing (meteor shower!!)
girls nighting
sequiming (hopefully!!)
hanging...with eric a lot :)
trying to see everyone before i leave-ing!

love you guys!

and my birthday is in a month from this coming saturday! woo!