she & him

august 21, 2010
i married my best friend. 

but the story starts six years before that. we both attended the same church youth group. i was outgoing and vivacious. he was shy and tall and played the bass. we just really never talked to each other. 

fast forward to the early months of 2008...

a mutual friend invited to him to the college group we hosted at my house. he came one night and some of the other girls were acting crazy about him. and my words were:
"what's the deal with this eric guy?"
pretty much not interested and generally embarrassed for the other girls...

thankfully it didn't take too long for me to figure it out.

one night our mutual friend stephanie and i were working on a science project for a class we had. neither of us were sciency at all and pretty much failing completely. so she had this fabulous idea to call eric and ask him for help (seeing as he's an electrical engineer and all...). he agreed and we went over to his house at 10:30 at night and in short, he basically did the project for us and taught us how it worked. i was pretty stinking impressed by how nice and how incredibly brilliant he was.
so then we began hanging out all the time. on our first date we went and bought $1 kites and ran through a windless field. then he spend 2hrs teaching me how to slackline (persistence!). it was lovely.
so then summer went by and i left to go to seattle for school. a month into school, i knew. i stayed the whole year, but came home almost every single weekend to see him. i transferred back to a school close to home/him in 2009 and then he proposed on December 23rd, 2009.
we were stoked. 
so then came the time to plan the day i'd been looking forward to all my life. and it turned out gloriously! so many people helped. we had an awesome huge lovely potluck. and then eric and i recited hand written vows under an old oak tree and kissed and it was the happiest special time. 
and we had a bunch of really special people there to support us. 
and then we danced and celebrated late into the night.
happily ever after. 

p.s. if you wanna see more pictures of our wedding go here. :)

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