Sunday, February 26, 2012

role reversal

 so 2 weeks of training have been accomplished. only 2 more to go! 
i'm getting nervous to be out of the classroom and up in the air, but also very excited.

a very strange and funny phenomenon has happened to eric and i during my training. 
you see, normally, i'm the one who is less busy and has a little more time on my hand. 
so when eric gets home at night, i'm pretty excited to see him and talk and relax...
but during the last two weeks, it has been the opposite.
instead of me asking for quality time, it's him.
and it's so precious.
i've had to turn down potential date nights, movies, and games with him cause of my studying. 
and i hate turning down quality time. so finally, last tuesday, i went out with him... a blazer game!
and i'm so glad that i took a night off to spend hanging out with him. 
plus, the blazers smashed the spurs, which is always a good time!

my happiness project has unfortunately fallen to the wayside a bit for the last 2 weeks.
i've been longing to sit down and read and journal and think, but with the nonstop waterfall of information i'm learning in training, i decided it was better to take a break. so i'll start that up again when i'm done with class! 

in the meantime, you can pray and hope that i will get portland as my domicile (read: home base city). and that the next few weeks will go by quickly and successfully! 

although it sounds like training has been all consuming (and i definitely feel like it is), i have been able to have some fun still like: having my friend lauren stay with me last weekend, spending time with my family, snuggling my dog, hosting justice conference friends from Tennessee, skyping my brother in australia and my cousin in hawaii, and having some good quality time with anne and carly and eric!

also, just have to shout out that this week my friend carly got engaged this past week and i'm sooooo very excited for her! 


Monday, February 13, 2012

something good

let's make this happen, girl
you gotta show the world that something good can work
and it can work for you
and you know that it will

let's get this started girl
we're moving up, we're moving up
it's been a lot to change
but you will always get what you want

today was my first day of training.
honestly, i'm just tired. sleeping in one hour increments is not the way i hoped to start.
but hey, things happen 
and you just gotta make it work out.

so instead of dwelling on exhaustion and nerves,
here's my list of 'something good':

1. getting off at two tomorrow instead of having to get fitted.
2. ohyeahwait, valentine's day is tomorrow.
3. having a very supportive husband who got up early to make me a special breakfast today,
then helped me study when i got home.
(even though he has two jobs and school to do).
4. not to mention supportive and loving family and friends.
5. making it to ground school. 
6. listening to something good can work out by two door cinema club 
aka theme song of the month.
7. clean room and fresh laundry finished this weekend
8. knowing that i'll meet lots of new awesome people this month at ground school.
9. my roommates getting me orange juice, honey greek yogurt, and ice cream to celebrate my first day.
10. i made it through day one! 

Friday, February 10, 2012

zooey and me

true story 
(that happened about 15min ago)

"hey look what i brought home for you!"
*hands over flowers and unveils cheese assortment and wine*

*grin across face, breaks into song*
"i'm having the time of my life and i never felt this way before,
and i swear, it is true, and i owe it all to you...
dirty bit! 
wroam wroam wroam wroam
*dances all crazy like*

"you remind me of the new girl"
(yup, zooey and me: pretty much the same people)

annnnd that's pretty much how we do around here. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

on my knees

there's a multitude stray thoughts in my brain right now:
need to study and memorize asap.
want to drastically makeover a piece of furniture.
analyzing the multitude of dreams that i've had lately.
praying that i'll get portland as my domicile.
discipline, motivation, discipline!
declutter. organize. clean.
be at peace with what today will bring.
finish mailers.
soak it in. appreciate beauty. meditate.
listen. be quiet. dance. be expressive.
i start training next week for my new job. 
still trying to mentally prepare for it. 
currently my brain still looks like the left picture. 
and it needs to move to the right. 
my brain doesn't want to let go of the freedom and peace.
but i'm also excited for new knowledge and challenges. 
in the midst of all these flashes of contending thoughts,
those of peace and those of anxiety,
i know that where i need to be is falling on my knees. 
my own strength isn't enough. 
acknowledging and depending on the strength of my abba 
is where i