Wednesday, February 8, 2012

on my knees

there's a multitude stray thoughts in my brain right now:
need to study and memorize asap.
want to drastically makeover a piece of furniture.
analyzing the multitude of dreams that i've had lately.
praying that i'll get portland as my domicile.
discipline, motivation, discipline!
declutter. organize. clean.
be at peace with what today will bring.
finish mailers.
soak it in. appreciate beauty. meditate.
listen. be quiet. dance. be expressive.
i start training next week for my new job. 
still trying to mentally prepare for it. 
currently my brain still looks like the left picture. 
and it needs to move to the right. 
my brain doesn't want to let go of the freedom and peace.
but i'm also excited for new knowledge and challenges. 
in the midst of all these flashes of contending thoughts,
those of peace and those of anxiety,
i know that where i need to be is falling on my knees. 
my own strength isn't enough. 
acknowledging and depending on the strength of my abba 
is where i 

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