Wednesday, February 13, 2013

some of my favorite things

by no means is this an exhaustive group, a rather a small collection of my favorite things.
the list l-r, t-b:
cribbage board-made by my father in law
bible-my grandmother's
gingher scissors-from my mother
love rock-found and made by me
scarf-from my father
earrings-collected from my brother's travels
poem-written by my brother
silverware ring-made by meagan
peace, mother pearl, and tiger's eye rings: from my grandparents
pearl bracelet: made by my aunt 
minolta baby: found and bought by eric and i
our love is...: collaged by me
knit socks: made by my mother
viewmaster with personalized pictures: eric
hairbow: bought by me
puzzle box: made by eric with help from alan.