Friday, December 7, 2007

santa x santa = mAgIcAl

so thomas wrote this really funny thing i thought i'd share it with all of you...

joe X joe = coo coo
ellen X ellen = weird
mom X mom = stressed
dad x dad = stressed
dog X dog = chew
thomas X thomas = cool
nathan X nathan = really cool

santa X santa = mAgIcAl
frosty X frosty = Alive!
food X food = really good
paper X paper = drawing
people X people = 30 million and beyond
ellen X text = really bad

and i laughed...

oh and i put up our christmas lights was neighbor came out and asked me if i was trying to compete with our other neighbor...i said no...and she said that she was thinking about putting a sign out in her yard that said, "bah humbug" cause she doesn't have any lights...haha...

and then i was cleaning up for the junior high progressive dinner that was at out house tonight and i had an armful of stuff i was taking down stairs...all of the sudden my feet flew out from under me and i fell down the stairs as gracefully as possible. thank goodness i didn't break my macbook. yay...but i think i bruised my tail bone. oh boo. :)

Monday, December 3, 2007

the struggle within

am i alone in this?
never a night where i can sleep myself till day.
i think i need a new town, to leave this all behind,
i think i need a sunrise, i'm tired of the sunset,
and so i found a state of mind
where i could be speechless.
so scared of getting older
i'm only good at being young:
just a series of blurs
like i never occurred.
oh, another social casualty
score one more for me.

this is your life are you who you want to be?

well i can disagree with myself
because sometimes i feel like me
and sometimes i feel like someone else.

but you don't know what now to do
cause the chase is all you know.

the motion keeps my heart running
cause i'm caught in suspension.

say anything, but say what you mean.
When you whisper you want this
your eyes tell the same.

i'm on the brink of something beautiful
and i want to sing about it,
but i don't know where to begin.
i'm ready to settle but not down
and not for less that what i've been promised.
i want more than just ok, more than just ok.

and i'm feelin' the same way all over again
feelin' the same way all over again
singin' the same lines all over again
no matter how much I pretend
let me know that You love me
and let that be enough.