Friday, December 7, 2007

santa x santa = mAgIcAl

so thomas wrote this really funny thing i thought i'd share it with all of you...

joe X joe = coo coo
ellen X ellen = weird
mom X mom = stressed
dad x dad = stressed
dog X dog = chew
thomas X thomas = cool
nathan X nathan = really cool

santa X santa = mAgIcAl
frosty X frosty = Alive!
food X food = really good
paper X paper = drawing
people X people = 30 million and beyond
ellen X text = really bad

and i laughed...

oh and i put up our christmas lights was neighbor came out and asked me if i was trying to compete with our other neighbor...i said no...and she said that she was thinking about putting a sign out in her yard that said, "bah humbug" cause she doesn't have any lights...haha...

and then i was cleaning up for the junior high progressive dinner that was at out house tonight and i had an armful of stuff i was taking down stairs...all of the sudden my feet flew out from under me and i fell down the stairs as gracefully as possible. thank goodness i didn't break my macbook. yay...but i think i bruised my tail bone. oh boo. :)

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