Thursday, June 19, 2008

make me happy

1. eating a kiwi in 3 bites.
2. painting rooms and furniture.
3. the smell outside after it rains.
4. wearing clothes straight out of the dryer.
5. driving by myself in my car with music up loud.
6. one word: scarfs!!
7. books about traveling.
8. making crazy faces for pictures.
9. anything vanilla scented.
10. having a full tank of gas.
11. playing an intense game of soccer.
12. trick kites :)
13. eating peanut butter by the spoonfuls (in moderation, of course).
14. chai tea lattes!
15. s'mores.
16. <3
17. good music; especially good playlists.
18. reminiscing.
19. art projects: collaging, painting, coloring, etc.
20. using the hot glue gun.
21. finding money in my pockets.
22. seeing random people doing funny things.
23. getting lost in the moment.
24. wearing awesome shoes.
25. my devo journal.
26. detailing my car.
27. inside jokes.
28. running when its cool/raining outside.
29. sunrises/sunsets
30. late summer nights
31. my pillow
32. window shopping for my future house.
33. using sweet mugs.
34. eating cool new foods.
35. old pictures.
36. getting a lot accomplished in a day.
37. free time/being able to be spontaneous.
38. dried flowers (well, i guess i like alive flowers too :P)
39. surprising people.
40. seeing others be happy.
41. green lights.
42. hand written letters.
43. parks.
44. arizona iced tea.
45. clean rooms.

Friday, June 13, 2008

my castle, my garden

so many things that i want to address
but i cannot help but digress
just share
just share
slowly they slip out here and there
"but do you really think that people care?"
"it's not important, no big deal."
"but i just want to be real!"

stop this, you! you wretched fiend!
you smiled and then intervened
and tried to be a most honest friend
to which i quickly did befriend.

deceiving, lying, trying to conceal
all these feelings i want to reveal.
why did i choose to believe you?
it's such an easy thing to do.
i buy your lies and take them home
caring much too deeply for weeds that want to roam.
and roam they do, spreading deep.
i pay a price that's far from cheap.
the roots they lie and grow beneath
choking life, i have no relief.

but up on top, yes, above the ground
everything is safe and sound.
i smile and wave and try to ignore
the suffocation of my core.

someday maybe it will rain
and help wash all this dirt away
(or at least it might stop the pain
hopefully for at least a day).

i wait
i wait
for someone, something to guide me straight
please come soon, it's getting late.
not one more night, not one more day,
i want you here and here to stay.
"don't fear
don't fear
my darling, i'm near."
i ache and i strain for a listening ear.
be tender, be kind
i'll show you inside
my castle, my garden
is where i reside.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

rancid son of a parallelogram

so i haven't written anything in a while....


so i was reading this book today to the girls i nanny and there was this part where the villian is called...

get ready for this...

"that yellow-bellied, snake-blooded, skunk-eyed, rancid son of a parallelogram!"

now, i know you might not think this is very funny, but i thought it was hilarious! i mean, you know that now somehow i'm going to find a way to call someone a rancid son of a parallelogram. and it will be amazing. and i will post another blog just to tell you how it goes.

in other news, this is my last week of school at clark, then i have finals next week. woohoo! i am very very very excited to be done at clark! for those of you who don't already know, i will be transferring up to northwest university in kirkland, wa to major in elementary education. yay!

well, reader, i hope you enjoyed this blog (although it was kind of pointless).