Monday, October 27, 2008

things we've learned while living in the dorms

1. don't brush your hair in the dorm room unless you feel like gathering chewbacca off the floor.
2. line your garbage can.
3. take out the garbage.
4. don't bring fruit into the room.
5. don't eat hardboiled eggs every day.
6. air fresheners are 97 cents at walmart.
7. don't buy 2 loaves of bread at the same time.
8. gas needs to be expelled outside the room.
9. label your room, it makes it seem bigger. (eg. bedroom, living room, etc.)
10. avoid "meat surprise" in the cafe.
11. mashed potatoes are always a must.
12. avoid at all cost puss pudding.
13. shower parties are fun (in a very A.G. way)
14. expect to hear about sex at least once a day in class.
15. the heater smells like dust and dirty socks.
16. don't be afraid to tell your neighbors to shut up and 2am in the morning.
17. take appropriate measures when the small orange cone appears.
18. learn to love idaho and the many blessings he brings (aka gummy bears).
19. bottled water! tap water is murky...
20. procrastination is key.
21. the #1 way to not spend money: don't leave campus. ever.
22. go to bed early.
23. movie nights make you feel better about life.
24. if you need to study, the balcony is the place to do it.
25. make friends with the people who live above you.
26. decorate your walls so you don't feel like you live in a hospital.
27. designate a poop stall.
28. as long as you have enough underwear to last until you go home, there's no need to do laundry.
29. keep shoes in a sealed box.
30. there's no need to get your hair cut when you can have a dormmate cut it in the bathroom.
31. open the shades in the dorm room at least once a day.
32. when gone from the dorm room, leave the window open.
33. granola and yogurt is a good meal anytime of the day.
34. invite people to come over and take you out for dinner.
35. clean out the fridge regularly.
36. load up on food on trips home.
37. youtube is your new best friend.
38. background music a must.
39. dance parties are always acceptable.
40. its ok to leave ridiculous (and scandalous) messages on your white board.
41. sharpie tattoos look almost as cool as real ones.
42. sweatpants are legit attire any day.
43. rearrange your room often.
44. don't be afraid to be late to class.
45. shaving your legs is overrated.
46. working out in the hallways helps others do the same.
47. seal sweaty clothes immediately.
48. don't plug more than 4 things into surge protectors.
49. looking at engagement rings is an acceptable way to pass time. (haha janelle!!)
50. roomies get lots of love!!

this list was compiled by annie and ellen.

we were inspired after we left to go on a starbucks run, then got 3 blocks, realized we could make coffee our room, so we turned around and came back and saved ourselves seven dollars. yay us! *high five* !!!

and i miss you all back home!! and in minnesota and wherever else you all are!