Monday, January 30, 2012

swirl of crazy

today i transition to a new month in my happiness project: 
prayer and vitality.
and what good timing. 
for the last week or so i've been dealing with tension headaches, a sign of lack of inner peace about a multitude of things:
(transitions to new job, brother to australia, other personal things)
so i've been a little bit checked out for the last week as i was suppose to be focusing on meditation.
and this morning everything seemed to hit the fan and my whole being felt a big swirl of crazy emotions. naturally i called my best girlfriends and talked it through.
their advice? pray. pray. pray.
so then i did a little bit of reading from richard foster about prayer and read that:
"to pray is to change. prayer is the central avenue that God uses to transform us."
so as i begin this month, i hope to be changed.

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