Tuesday, February 22, 2011

off on vacation!



good morning earlies!

last year at some point i was sitting at pdx early in the morning on my way to california to visit my bff carly. this morning is much the same, although i have a tag-a-long for the trip: my darling husband eric.

im so happy to be in this airport, which is by far the greatest airport in america. end of story. currently, i am using FREE wifi and listening to a live guitarist play me pretty melodies. seriously.

in other news, i found these next few images on ffffound.com and couldn't help but feel inspired to dress a tad more americana than i normally do.

cute little cartigan
girly ruffle skirt
and a pair of classy flats

and i got this great hat the other day that would finish an outfit like this perfectly. maybe i'll get a picture up of it soon.

good day to all!

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