Saturday, March 12, 2011

sea breeze memories

there was a happy time...
when i snuggled in the blue chair
at the beach
with my family
sea breeze floating through my hair
breathing salt air
dreams of freedom were easy and near
pennies flattened by trains
marionberry ice cream
waking up early with daddy
driving to the bakery to purchase
maple bars for breakfast
sand castles and licorice
mom eating sunflower seeds
marshmallows stuck all over my face
beach grass and drift wood playgrounds
daddy making us beach forts
flying kites
swinging and tree climbing
cornbread and chili
pancakes and bacon
smothered in maple syrup
falling asleep to mom and dad
reading me little golden books
beach house perfection
while i snuggle into my couch
sipping good earth
i now dream of that place
so dear to my heart
i put away my chills and sickness
for the thought of someday
recreating the magic
of that beloved place
with my sweet husband
for little ones of our own.

do you daydream like this too?

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