Saturday, May 19, 2012

oh, it is love

me and my love at butchart gardens

2012 has and will continue to be a big year for eric and i.

she: left her social work job
she: got a job as a flight attendant
he: left intel
he: got a sweet job at a start up company
they: celebrate 2 years of marriage in august
they: both turn 25 this year
he: finishes his masters in electrical engineering

we have gone through a lot of transitions since we've been together,
(more than i ever thought we would)
but the change has helped us stay on our toes and recognize that marriage is fluid.
yes, sometimes that means it's crazy and stressful and hard to keep up with learning about ourselves together and individually, but its been awesome to be together and watch how we've both grown and changed, and still love each other more than ever.

i stumbled across some wonderful marriage advice this week:
love, dad from a former president
marriage secrets for 15 years of happy marriage

oh, it is love

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  1. loved reading the links ellen, esp. the letter! glad to see it's a busy morning at seatac :)