Wednesday, February 4, 2009

three f's

SOFD: when she's near by fiction family
WIKI: cake in a mug

today was pretty uneventful, except for a couple incidents at work.

first, one little boy decided to bite another little girl. oops. lets just say his parents were not very happy when they picked him up.

second, i left the building and got about a half-mile away before i realized i had left the back door unlocked, so i turned around and went back. When i got there, all the fences were locked so i had to climb over and then went and locked the back door. epic. and i even made it back in time for dinner.

yesterday was my day off, so i drove to cafe ladro in downtown kirkland where i had the best foam ever on my vanilla latte. i did my devotions while sitting in behind the front window watching cars go by and pedestrians walk with their dogs. i had a conversation with a woman about the weather and the meter maids which is pretty personal for never meeting before. haha. after that, i continued to target where i bought amelie and the new fray cd (which is AMAZING btw). then after i got home, listened to the cd, and ate some cheesecake, i bought fiction family which is totally amazing too! jon foreman and sean watkins join together to produce some beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics. i would expect nothing less. another band i would recommend is a fine frenzy. sweet female vocals with airy and light verses. very relaxing.

oh and sometime, you should read searching for god knows what by donald miller. it has impacted my life in a big way. good stuff.


-a girl

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