Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a grand list

this seems to be the thing to do, so...
25 things you may or may not know about me, and may or may not care to know.
i guess you're supposed to repost and tag 25 people??

1. when i was 5 or 6, i almost got dragged out in a riptide. thankfully my mom saved my life.

2. im going to school to be a teacher, but my dream job would be something in the arts: artist, working at an art studio, being a dance teacher, or something like that.

3. last wednesday i spend 15.5 hours in a tree.

4. i don't have a bike and i really need to get one.

5. one of my best life experiences was state track meet 04.

6. even with all my involvement in sports, i've never broken a bone or had a significant injury.

7. im going to run a marathon someday.

8. almost all the flowers i have ever gotten are dried and are hanging from my ceiling in my bedroom.

9. i keep all the fortune cookie fortunes i get.

10. chicken pot pies are amazing.

11. i live in seattle, but i love portland way times more.

12. after church searching, in seattle, i've started going to quest church, and in portland, eric and i have started going to imago dei.

13. if it weren't so cold, i would never wear socks.

14. i despise umbrellas. just wear a parka. or a hood. or a hat.

15. peanut butter and celery is one of my favorite snacks. mmm delish!

16. i have decoupaged close to 30 notebooks.

17. my favorite colors are purple and green.

18. i would really like to go on a hot air balloon.

19. it doesn't matter if im late or not, i still manipulate traffic to get places faster. i.e. i keep track of which roads have more lights, how long i have to make the light when the cross walk sign starts blinking, etc.

20. im one of the few people i know who actually wears a watch

21. i have a good sense of direction and can give good directions and quickly use a map.

22. in highschool, i got an almost perfect score on a spacial reasoning test.

23. now that i work in extended care, i despise playdough.

24. i love wearing skirts and scarves.

25. someday i hope to teach overseas.


  1. yeah, well I think #19 comes from your dad. :)

  2. so rad. i <3 celery & peanut butter!