Monday, March 22, 2010

monday mornings


well, spring break is over. meh. school starts tomorrow. meh. but i had a pretty fun spring break even though i didn't think it was gonna be doing much.

i have a lot to catch up on for my daily posts (7 days worth...oh boy!). so let's get started.

day 13

a fictional book

currently in the midst of reading going home by harriet evans.

day 14

a non-fictional book

donald miller inspires me. the most life-changing read of his so far has been searching for god knows what. amazing.

day 15

a fanfic day

apparently this term is short for fantasy fiction. i'm gonna stick with the narnia series as my favorite, with harry potter coming up second, and twilight...well, i haven't even bothered reading it...

day 16

a song that makes you cry

when i first read through this list, i knew exactly what i was gonna post for this day. pretty much everytime i hear someday you will be loved by death cab for cutie, i get really sad. seriously, it's really depressing.

day 17

an art piece

so last week i made this
this picture doesn't really do it justice, but i sewed the picture to the white paper, then glued it to the plywood and hammered it down with nails. it was pretty simple, despite the very time consuming sewing, and having to grind the nails down so they wouldn't poke out the backside of the plywood. but it was well worth the "ahhhh" i think everytime i see it. cute cute cute.

day 18

whatever tickles your fancy

this week was full of little projects (and getting started on some big ones). here it some documentation of my week.
i love rain. and raindrop pictures. i took this picture last week and it made me happy.
eric and i made homemade pesto a couple weeks ago and i've been trying to figure out what to do with it because we made a bunch and apparently my family aren't fans of pesto. so i made a chicken pesto pizza. it was delicious (and i actually got my brothers to eat it!).
so this is the big project i took on this week. making my own invites for my wedding in august. it all sounded good until i got to the first step of making them...cutting paper. what a pain! but i think i finally figured out a good method, so hopefully it'll start going faster!

ok, so i didn't catch up on all of them yet, but it was a good start! have a lovely monday!

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