Friday, March 12, 2010

happy list


day 10

a picture of you over 10 years ago.

i am the girl on the left, my cousin emily is in the middle, followed by my brother nathan on the far right.

today i was thinking about things that make me really happy and i made a little list:

1. listening to nathan play music. last night i walked downstairs and he was sprawled out on the hide-a-bed playing his ukulele. he then proceeded to play me a song he wrote about his friends. i sat down on the bed and we just talked for a half an hour or so. when he decides to share his music (or his thoughts) with me, it's something i wish i could slow down and record it. (note: but if i hear him play justin beiber one more time, i might have to smash his guitar. haha)

2. picking up developed film. i seriously get giddy over this. a couple times, when it's developed in an hour, i don't go home, i sit around and wait for it to be done. opening up the packaging is like christmas morning. gahhhh i love it. presents to myself!!!

3. going on long solitary drives and listening to music. since i've lived at home most my life, getting out of the house has been my savior in many situations. if i'm sad, i go driving. if i'm mad, i go driving. if i'm happy, i go driving. if i'm longing to get away, i go driving. if i'm nervous, i go driving. driving frees me. i think, i solve problems, i release. and after i get back, i always feel better.

4. having dance parties with my brothers. something nathan, joe, thomas, and i all have in common is our love for music. so when parents are gone (and sometimes even when they're home), we turn the beats up and sing and dance all ridiculous-like. so great!

5. creating. i think one of the most meaningful things i can accomplish in my life is creating and finishing a project.

6. splurging. sometimes, i just love going out and purchasing something i want. just because.

7. eric. last, and certain by far, not the least, this boy is my best friend and in 161 days he will be my husband. :) woop de woo! everything i do is better when it's with him (especially photo adventures, drinking tea, cooking, and photobooth creating).
love love love!!

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