Thursday, September 6, 2007

so i love fall

i'm really sorry if i offend anyone, but i'm pretty much really happy summer is over...cause i LOVE fall. it's most definitely my favorite season of all time. yessssss.

so i'm listening to collide by howie day right now. wow. this song brings back memories. way back in the day. aww i made this acoustic mix and it is the one of the greatest things ever created. i will be listening to it for the next 4 months...LOVE!!!!

k besides that random's so sweet though, the colors changes, maple leaves falling...reminds me of when i was little. and the cooler days help me remember that all my favorite holidays are coming up. well. first is my like 10 days! and then halloween and thanksgiving and christmas and new years!! and then all my friends come back from school and i get to see them and that's awesome!

just for all of's a recap of my summer.

high school ski camp
saw carly and people up north who i love very much!
went surfing!!
decided to not play soccer at clark.
got a nannying job.
went to the beach with lauren
family camp
went camping with kylie, jordan, and ryan.
went to tom's house and went boating
went to seattle to see renee
played tennis with brant
played my little pony memory
went to powells and bought a sweet coloring book.
went to the zoo
ate frog, calamari, and ethiopian food
fell in love with thai iced tea
had to say goodbye to all my friends that went back to school! =(
stayed the night on a sailboat with carly
decided that i want to be a teacher
emily turned 16 and now i don't ever see her...sad...
nathan turned 18 and i missed his birthday cause i was camping.
went to bali and boogy boarded.
went to a lot of coffee shops.
started playing indoor soccer again! yay! i love soccer.
and college group started up again...well now REVolutionalIVE.

books i read this summer:
praise habit by david crowder
in the meantime by rob brendle
a long way gone by ishmael beah
blue like jazz by donald miller
kite runner by khaled hosseini
pride and prejudice by jane austen
authentic faith by gary l. thomas
and stories from fairy tales by hans christian andersen.

so i start classes the 24th:
u.s. history
world lit


i'm excited about going out to my favorite spot. and watching life. i've decided that i want to get some stuff accomplished this fall. like play guitar. and start painting. but well see how much i'll get done.

um i guess that's about it.

besides the fact that i want to dance through the rest of my life. k sweet.


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