Wednesday, December 8, 2010

fresh air


bloody meaningless, my networked identity.
lost in the atmosphere that moves, but never feels.
constantly changing, but it is real change?
people write vigorously, typing frozen words.
i have fallen into the stagnant life of these words.
even now, i attempt to write them, but they become statues of staleness.
my eyes become dim from the back light of the screen.
my mouth dry, because i speak no words.
i become silent and grey as the world around me turns white.
white with meaningless intellectualness and philosophized drama.

but i want to be known!

so i give up my mysteriousness for attention that i will rarely receive.
i'll post pictures, comments, write blogs, hoping that someone will praise me.
but when my identity becomes affirmed, i only become more lost in the system.
more lost in the social networks.

the soft glow of the screen holds me captive.
the light tapping of keys has become addictive.
my pointer has to click away.

i forget sometimes about the outdoors.
i dismiss the beauty of nature.
i forget how to talk to people.

my mouth has been sewed up and my soul has been taken hostage by the dark depths of web.
it feverishly wraps me tighter into its grasp, suffocating me of all true existence.
i am a slave to a deathly narrative.

i don't want to become a silhouette.
i want to breathe and dance and sing.
i must create a new reality in the real reality.
i can't forget about the preciousness of face to face relationships.
i need fresh air.


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