Friday, April 1, 2011

what up!

i've been sitting on my couch for hours now trying to type out this paper.
the confinement and isolation of discipline is wearing me down.
i am ready to run for miles.
i will hike a mountain.
i want to sew or paint or dance or laugh.
i will even resort to scrubbing or mopping or cleaning.
anything besides staring at this screen.
so i take a break to to something mildly creative
and write some words to express myself
instead of typing out right words for a dictated format
school, i'm bending for you, but too much more and i will break.
but HA!
4 more little weeks
and the suppressed creativity will bloom once again.
and once i get my diploma, i will definitely be repeating the following:

followed with many of these:

also, sweet sweet spring!
(well, technically wet wet spring)
i am hoping the sun comes out soon so i can:
photography spring lovelies
start my spring cleaning
spend some time making the projects on my art list
go picnicing
wear summer clothes

what summer activites are you looking forward to?


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