Sunday, September 11, 2011

yes, of course, frank

lets fly, fly away...
"once i get you up there,
where the air is rarefied 
we'll just glide tarry eyed
once i get you up there
i'll be holding you so near
you may hear the angels cheer - just because we're together"
eric and i are continuing our annual tradition of flying on september 11 today.
last year, we flew home from new york at the end of our honeymoon.
today, eric flies to san fransisco for a work conference while i fly down to long beach to visit carly.
so very very happy.
but a little melancholy since its the 10 year anniversary of september 11.
all this week i've been listening npr and they have been airing remembrances and stories from that day. it's been something that sometimes i don't want to hear because usually it causes teary eyes, but i know that it's good for me to hear the memories from other people who were more affected that i. 
this morning already, we had a 30 seconds of silence in the airport to remember all those who served or died in the attacks. i'm so thankful for my country, for freedom, and i am thinking about all those whose lives were and still are affected from that day. 
and to those who have and are still serving and protecting, thank you. 
i still and will always remember.

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