Wednesday, February 20, 2008

black cassette

i sit here in front of you
amazed by the shadows you cast in the light
pardon my asking, but i want to know
did you read all the letters i had to rewrite?
envelopes and stamps did their duty
while you sipped your tea
and i dared to wonder
if you thought about me

i faded like bleach into your mind
you played me back, then hit rewind
i kinda like being this black cassette
i'll cheer you up when you get upset

i'm not there, but i'll be there soon
im a 100 miles away
so i won't be there by noon
but i found this old piano
outside on the street
so i recorded you a song
that has a funky beat
i put it in the mail
and i sent it home to you
p.s. don't forget
je t'aime beaucoup

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