Wednesday, February 20, 2008

figurative dances

whispers are currents creeping on clouds
my heart could not beat louder
tell me the sounds of silence you hear
like seeing two birds but hearing the air
the water surrounds me and pours in my ears
i am drowning in my fears

it's been 72 days since i saw you last
and all i can do is reminisce of the past
it's over you tell me
you don't even care
i stagger to a window
and breathlessly stare
and everything we ever knew
won't ever continue

no more will i hear
a laugh or a tear
just the ocean mocking me
telling me silently
that the grass was not greener
oh it wasn't greener
the grass was a color of gray
much to my dismay

so goodbye dear friend
i hope you remember
that this is the end
no more second chances
or figurative dances
we're through
but i still love you

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