Sunday, March 23, 2008

roasted apples on dewlite mornings

it has recently been discovered in a scientific study that sunday afternoons are the opportune time to write blogs.

not the opportune time to dump your car in a bog. like in psycho.

tori just stuck a pillow up the back of my sweatshirt and called me "pregnant backwards."
if that isn’t somewhat awkward, i don’t know what is.


things we daydream about:
1. how im going to decorate my dorm room next fall.
2. getting a tan.
3. what it would be like at a different school.
4. how myspace would survive without avid bloggers like ellen.
5. how far away i could get from here in a day.
6. how to construct a robot in the sky.
7. how most of the female population would look without an electric outlet.
8. living in indonesia.
9. what i would look like bald.
10. having a soundtrack playing to my life.
11. driving my own car.
12. how long i could rollerblade until my wheels were gone.
13. never having to shave my legs again.
14. being in a movie and doing my own stunts.
15. keeping my fish alive for more than a month.

favorite songs
1. harder, better, faster, stronger-daft punk
2. wonderboy-tenacious D
3. our song-taylor swift
4. here comes a special boy-freezepop
5. so much love-the rocket summer
6. wannabe-spice girls
7. maneater-nelly fertado
8. monday-aol
9. you dance-eastmountainsouth
10. everything-michael buble
11. here in the middle-haley
12. hey jude-the beatles
13. my stupid mouth-john mayer
14. international harvester-craig morgan
15. gold digger-kayne west

15 ways to fill up time in vancouver:
1. walk the columbia river boardwalk
2. drive to the end of a country road (frenchman’s bar)
3. go to walmart and make a box of fun
4. decoupage
5. make music videos
6. go snowboarding
7. flamingo people
8. go to the beach/surf
9. cart racing at winco
10. muchas gracias
11. go to portland
12. hike on a trail
13. bike ride/rollerblade
14. bowling at big al’s
15. go to random awesome parks: franklin, esther short, hidden, big red, wintler, carter...

3 on the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over.
i’m not a roller.

all these lists were a collaboration from emily, ellen, and victoria.

we hope your read was pleasurable.

oh and happy easter.

(we just got done with an easter egg hunt. it was amazing!)

peace out.

p.s. i should add that each of us contributed 5 of the 15 items on the lists above. figuring out which one of us added which 5 is up to you.

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