Wednesday, March 19, 2008

snakes and superpowers

ah today was amazing!

well, actually, it kinda sucked then got better...

1. i got rear-ended. but it’s all good.
2. i rescheduled one of my finals!!
3. i think i did relatively decent on my math exam.
4. went to work.
4. took sophie and taegen down to salmon creek.
5. found garden snakes and held them so the girls could touch them. (it was awesome!)
6. now i’m sitting in my room listening to nathan play the new bridge to i use my superpowers (it’s so good!!)
7. then i have awana, youth group, and then...
8. i’m going to eric’s to watch the matrix!! (yeah it’s that exciting)
9. yeah sleep!

so i really need to fix my camera that’s been broken for about 6 months now. ugh.

k dinner bye.

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