Wednesday, November 19, 2008

evolution of music

it seems like every fall i have some theme song that i tend to live by or some albums that have greatly influenced my life at the time.

although it's been a while back, i can still remember about the last four years and it kinda signifies how i've grown as an individual. the lyrics in most of these songs mirror the way i felt when i went through different stuff. anyway, here it goes...

FALL 2005:

keane-hopes and fears
death cab for cutie-plans
the fray-how to save a life

someday you will be loved-death cab
we might as well be strangers-keane
everybody's changing-keane
look after you-the fray
how to save a life-the fray

FALL 2006

john mayer-room for square
jack johnson-in between dreams
augustana-stars and boulevards
matt costa-songs we sing
joshua radin-we were here

love song for no one-john mayer
yellow taxi-matt costa
winter-joshua radin
fall away-the fray

FALL 2007

mae-the everglow
across the universe soundtrack
timmy curren-word of mouth
indoor picnic music vol. 1&2

steer-missy higgins
hard times-eastmountiansouth
something-jim sturgess
after your heart-phil wickham
back in your head-tegan & sara
green eyes-coldplay

FALL 2008

coldplay-viva la vida
the gabe dixon band-self titled
the maccabees-colour it in
natalie portman's shaved head-glistening pleasure

death and all his friends-coldplay
toothpaste kisses-the maccabees
sophisticated side ponytail-n.p.s.h.
lovely tonight-joshua radin
the night starts here-stars
5 years time-noah and the whale
violet hill-coldplay
free ride-nick drake
you remind me-andy shauf
can't go back-the weepies

there you have it. hopefully i'll keep it updated so you can all share in my love for good music.

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