Monday, February 22, 2010

i'm obsessed with balloons and i don't care.

SOFD: it's good to be in love by frou frou
WIKI: my desired secret skill
ETSY: my most recent idea for an art project

i've been feeling super blessed today.

yesterday my mom's friend karren came over and let me know that she had decided what she was getting me for my wedding...

a wedding coordinator!

ahhh! i still can't believe it! it just a huge blessing to know that me and my family don't have to deal with all the stress of the wedding day and all that jazz. :)

and eric and i met with our cake person yesterday. and it is gonna be amazing (mainly cause we decided we're ditching a big cake and going for more fruity apple crisps, blueberry cobbler, etc.) SO EXCITED :)

and today, i found out that they shoes i wanted my bridesmaids to get are on sale. and then i found an online coupon to get an extra 20% (which was just for shoes and ends tomorrow!) so yeah, shoes for $20 is pretty decent i think! wooooo i love finding good deals!

oh and i finally got a part time job! so i actually have to go cause i've got work in an hour! yay yay yay yay!

so excited!

(and eric and i had a great time photographing this weekend and hiking up to silver star mountain! it was a gorgeous weekend!)

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