Thursday, May 6, 2010

come fly with me


let me count the ways i love airports (especially today):

1. being in an airport either means your going somewhere or coming back from somewhere (yay!

2. airports have the most interesting people aka the best people watching place ever!

3. today, while i was going through security, the security guard complimented my ID card! happiness!

4. at pdx airport they have FREE wifi! brilliant! more airports should catch on!

5. i am currently being serenaded by a cello. live music in airports rock!

6. they have a powell's bookstore in pdx.

7. apparently pdx has the best tasting water in their drinking fountains (compared to other airports in america.

8. the little kids in airports are so cute! they are infatuated with the size of the airplanes and even ask their parents, "mom, dad, how much longer?"

9. and the best thing about today? I GET TO SEE CARLY!!!! wooooooo!

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