Sunday, August 29, 2010



good morning all!

today, woke up early due to massive construction going on near our flat. slow morning thus far though. just lazying around, taking stellar pictures, eating breakfast, and listening to alexi murdoch. love.

big day planned for today. lots of walking, sigh seeing, and checking out HUGE castle. you can read about it here.

budapest reminds eric and i a lot of portland. there's two sides (buda & pest) split down the middle by the danube river. buda is more the rich hilly side and pest is the middle class/party side. there are 10 bridges crossing the danube (10 also crossing the willamette). anyway, it's awesome.

oh, and happy birthday to my new mother janet today! love you and am very happy to be your new daughter!



  1. YAY! You are off on your big adventure. I cannot wait to see all those stellar pictures that you are taking. Hope you figured out which cameras to take... Love you both!