Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the ferocious plunge

SOFD: you got what i need by joshua radin

i have this distinct memory burned into my mind that happened more than just a few times. That is, my dad, after restlessly perusing the kitchen, pulling open the drawer, picking up a spoon, and shuffling sneakily over to the cupboard where he'd slyly pull out the peanut butter, undo the cap and take a ferocious plunge into the jar with his spoon. then he'd take bite after bite, until mom would finally notice and reprimand him, "dad, are you eating the peanut butter out of the jar again? that's gross!"

but it didn't take me long before i understood why this happened so frequently. after dad offered me some, this addiction would never be broken.

today, i did it again. munchies hit, i perused the cupboard and spotted the jar of deliciousness. and so i went, plunging away at this deliciously salty sweet nutty paste of goodness: beloved peanut butter.

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