Monday, April 6, 2009

for thomas

SOTD: lego by the maccabees
WIKI: make symbols on a mac

this last weekend was awesome. eric and i went to the beach and met my family there. we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day out on the beach. we also hiked mt. neahakanie that morning and were able to see the clear coastline. sunday was a california day, but we missed out. we went to church instead. i made cookie dough this weekend too and it got eaten very quickly thanks to joe, tad, thomas, josh, nathan, eric, mom, dad, and i. and then i got to hang out with tori and emily last night which was awesome and we laughed a lot :) im glad i have cousins who im close with...

anyway, now im back at school. today's picture is for thomas because i love him and it reminded me of him.

until next time!

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  1. Those are the Lego figures you get if you buy the Lego Death Star.

    I probably shouldn't know that -- but what can I say? I'm still stoked about Lego catalogs.