Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hiding behind curtains


do i, god, look this stupid when i run? or is it a bit cute, like a kid hiding himself by burying not much more than his face in the drapes? we, obviously, don't think we actually hide from our omniscient god. we hide from ourselves. we hide him from ourselves.

the umbrella-less traveler can't stop the coming storm by simply shutting her eyes. The sun doesn't disappear behind closed curtains, or even the horizon: all and every day and night it explodes itself into the universe.

likewise, god is eyelidless. light and dark are just ideas he exists above and outside of. he separated one from the other like we half an apple. to get how he gets you, imagine yourself floating face up in the center of a warm sea, and the water you are in is everywhere you can go--god is not the sun or moon, but the water around you, holding you to himself, sure as gravity.

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