Monday, March 19, 2012

kind of like a pillow fight

for march's happiness project i'm working on focusing on fasting/marriage. 
but since i haven't posted for a bit, let me get you caught up on things.

so i finished ground school to be a flight attendant. yup. pretty exciting! 
my first flight is coming up and i'm nervous, but excited too. 
currently, eric and i are trying to work out all the kinks to make this job work for us. 
mainly, me being based in another city. 
although we knew it was a possibility, it's not been easy for us to come to grips with this.
it's kinda like how a pillow fight sounds really fun until you realize that getting hit with pillows actually kind of hurts and you have a huge mess to deal with afterwords.
but you could get really great pictures and a fun memory in the process ya?
i'm definitely getting the adventure i was hoping for. :)

but i haven't even had my first flight yet! so i bet i will fall in love and forget about all this. :)

mostly, i think it comes down to the fact that i romanticize everything i can. 
and then when it doesn't work out like i plan, i get discouraged.
but i have some really great support from my husband, dad, family, and friends
encouraging me to let things play out and be hopeful about how it's gonna be. 
which is probably the best advice ever.

and i have to say that i have been so thankful for the hospitality and support i've felt from the people who have offered to let me stay with them in my base city. 
god is good and people are too.

as for the happiness project, i took some time off for ground school, as i was very busy studying and learning a whole bunch of new skills and fun stuff about airplanes. 

and now it's already halfway through march and i need to get back on track. 
so i'll get to it and keep ya posted. 

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  1. that picture is absolutely gorgeous!
    and congrats on your upcoming flight. how thrilling it must be to be a flight attendant!!
    xo TJ