Sunday, June 3, 2007

beware of choxie

so last night emily and i were hanging out...

i went and picked her up at about 7. then we went to safeway and bought rice cakes and water.

after safeway, we went to target. and i bought choxie dark chocolate expresso truffles because they were on sale and i wanted chocolate.

so we then made a quick detour to our favorite bulk food store, winco, and picked up an arizona raspberry iced tea for me and a cream soda for emily.

we then tore into our box of expresso truffles and started to devour them. this was at about 10:30. at midnight, i ate one more of those delicious chocolates.

this is where it all went wrong.

i could not fall asleep at all. i was wide awake.

1am....still awake, online, looking at snowboards... bed, reading my bible...

3am...get up, grab some old journals and flip through them...

*as a side note on old journals, i just have to interject that reading old diaries/journals is one of the most interesting/hysterical/pathetic things to do at 3am or anytime for that matter...

so finally 4am rolls around and i'm finally drifting off to sleep.

the moral of this blog:

do not eat dark chocolate expresso truffles late at night.

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