Wednesday, June 27, 2007

pepper and s'mores

on saturday my aunt left for california. emie, tori, and norwood are already down there. so my aunt asked me to housesit/dogsit for them while they were gone in cali. i said yes before i knew that my family had already made plans to go the beach the same week. ugh.

anyway, i've been watching their dog, pepper, which is a black poodle. saturday and sunday night were tough cause pepper kind of got lonely and yeah....stuff happened that wasn't exactly super fun. let's just say i had a lot to clean up. but anyway, since then, i've been sleeping at their house and pepper has been sleeping with me. i don't know if i like this arrangement or not because i kind of like my space when i'm sleeping, but whatever, it keeps pepper happy.

i'm kinda bummed that my family is going to the beach without me. i mean, i could bring pepper down there with me, but that seems like a hassle cause then i've got a dog in my car for 2 hrs trying to make it's way to the front seat so it can sit in my lap while i'm driving. and then pepper would get all gross with sand and i don't want to have to clean that up. so i don't really know what i'm gonna do.


so far this week has been pretty decent. on monday night, rachel and i went to the waterfront and sat out on the log on the beach and watched the sunset and the moon was out too, so we got to see the reflection of the moon on the water and the sunset at the same time. to say the least, it was incredible. then we went to winco and got supplies to make those cup of dirt with worm things that you have when your little..(you know, chocolate pudding with crumbled oreos, and gummy worms...) it was really delicious, but i kinda felt sick afterward, although it was a good sick. =)

then last night i played tennis with brant and his siblings as i do most every week. i played horribly (and i blame my racket). but after that, i went over and we had s'mores and just sat around the fire until it was late. and i felt sick again cause i think i ate too many marshmallows, but again, it was a good sickness.

nathan is going to the beach tomorrow, so i'll be home by myself. plus anne is at bball camp, jamie's on a fishing trip, and emie and tori are in cali. i miss them all very much and can't wait for them to come home.

gurg, and nathan and i haven't been at the beach together for a long time. and i still haven't seen him surf and i really want to. maybe i will have to go down to the beach for a day at least. ok.

oh. and my macbook and ipod should be coming either today or tomorrow. so hopefully i'll have something to occupy my time for at least a few hours. oh my word im so excited.

my indonesia meeting is on monday. yay! so i'll get to meet everyone on my team and i'm really excited about that!

the 4th of july is next week and i love that holiday. and emie and tori come back the 3rd. ahhh they've been gone for almost 3 weeks...

ski camp is coming up in 2 weeks. i hope all of you remember the july 11 is free slurpee day at 7-11. so make sure you go and get your fill of free slurpeeness. cause i'll be gone at camp. but then, it's not so bad cause i'll be with my friends, and wakeboarding, tubing, and waterskiing, and sitting out in the sun for 5 days. yesssss. and then i leave for indonesia in about 4 weeks. (july 23rd!)

ok.....hope you all have a wonderful amazing day!

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