Friday, June 8, 2007

congradulations my friend

today nathan graduates from highschool.

sometimes it's weird to think that we are both college students now.

all i can remember is us when he used to chase me around the house and finally catch me and tickle me because i was laughing so hard i couldn't run anymore.

or when we used to play legos together. for 8 years it was just nathan and i. and since then, our relationship has stayed just as close.

i wouldn't want any other person to be my brother. he's pretty much one of the coolest guys i know.

so nathan, congradulations my
long boarding.
guitar playing.
flipflop wearing.
song writer.
summer loving.
blue truck driver.
lot boy. (err man)
sun soaker.
quick witted.
brother and best friend (and kook).
i wish you the best and hope and pray to see you succeed in the many talents that God has given you. i love you more than you know!!

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