Thursday, June 7, 2007

home life

family is a strange thing sometimes. the best thing, but always the strangest.

sometimes family members do weird things.

last night joe kept poking his stomach. i don't know what possessed him to do this. everytime i told him to stop, he just started laughing hysterically. and i don't know why.

thomas sings all the time. in fact he is making up a song right now.
"na na bah dah dah dah hmmm. elllen...dadddy...nahtan. rahhhhh. la la la. i want to win the piston cup! i'm movig dawn wahhh! nana nina te bebo." *slaps legs for a beat* then...*mumbles some random sentence loudly but incomprehensible* "ellen come play with me" "yay i love my sister" is what i finally decipher. what a cute kid. =)

i would tell you something strange about nathan, but there's not really much to say. he just kinda reminds me of flipping a coin. there's only 2 sides and you never know which one you're gonna get.

living at home is comfortable. it's where you can be completely yourself and no one can judge you. but not many other people every get to see that unless you're really transparent and even then...

today i played memory with thomas. yup, memory. it was great besides the fact i got beat. uhhg. i need to practice more if renee and i ever want to beat brant and justin. haha. (which we will this summer)

emily came over last night and we made dinner together. it was delicious besides the fact that it got cold. and the reason it got cold? we were laughing instead of eating our food. and i wish i could tell you what we were laughing at, but unfortunately all i remember is the laughing part.

i probably burned at least 924.347 calories. excellent...

only one more day of school. then finals next week. oh joy.

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